Partnering With A Brand To Reach The Next Level

Eating by Elaine

Pinterest Strategy | Book Launch | UX & UI 

Cracking The Pinterest Code

Eating by Elaine was created by Elaine Gordon to bring your family nutritious, family-friendly, plant-based, and allergy-friendly recipes.

Pinterest is one of the most important visual search engine for food bloggers to continuously build their audience and drive traffic to their website. I implemented a strategy, which included a more consistent pinning schedule, engaging pin designs, descriptions crafted for Pinterest SEO, and enhanced engagement with Tailwind Communities and followers. With this strategy monthly views increased, site traffic consistently increases, and follower gains are more frequent.

Everyone Loves A Good Smoothie

In 2019, Elaine embarked on a journey to take her brand to the next level and launch her first book, Rock Your Blender!, which is 80+ pages of smoothie recipes, tips, and resources to become a master at making delicious smoothies. We launched an inviting book, which highlighted the smoothies visually and also made the abundance of information digestible. The book launch included a print book, e-book, landing page, e-mail template, and social media graphics.

Giving Your Audience A Better Experience

In 2020, we launched a new website to give the 60,000+ monthly visitors of Eating by Elaine an improved experience. I implemented a fresh streamlined homepage design, which moves away from the traditional blog layout. The homepage now highlights the most important information and trending recipe topics. Advanced search tools were incorporated to better target the recipes users are looking for. The website footer and sidebar were reconstructed to be more visually engaging and streamlined. Lastly, I added new features to allow visitors to be more engaged resulting in a decreased bounce rate and increasing returning visitors.