Case Study: Taking People Back into Time

James Morgan

Book Launch | UX & UI | Print Design 

James R. Morgan, III, is a published author, genealogist, and masonic historian. He launched his first self-published book, The Lost Empire: Black Freemasonry in the Old West (1867–1906), in 2018.


The Problem

Tapping into the African-American segment of the masonic literature market comes with the hurdle of preconceived customer expectations on price, product quality, and brand recognition.

The Solution

We developed a book that is competitive in the marketplace in all focus areas. We created a visual design that takes readers back into the Wild Wild West era. We carried this theme throughout all elements of the project, which brought the user into our strategic and intentional storytelling. We created a landing page that is easy to navigate, which allows customers to make quick purchases and stay up to date on important information. The award-winning book has received praise from both the masonic and historical literature market.

The Results

James R. Morgan, III has sold over 700+ copies of The Lost Empire worldwide and received many positive reviews. The book has received awards from the Phylaxis Society and the Sons and Daughters of the U.S. Middle Passage Lineage Society.

Lastly, The Lost Empire was reviewed by YouTuber, Self-Publishing with Dale to highlight how Lulu Publishing matched with a good design can create a quality hardcover and dust jacket book.