Creating a brand to match your audience

National Key Accounts

Print Design | Conference Branding | Digital Design 

Fall 2019 Workshop

EEI’s National Key Accounts Workshop is where leading multi-site customers and electric utility account representatives meet to develop efficient energy management strategies to integrate into facilities nationwide. It attracts more than 700 attendees and convenes twice a year.

My role was to give NKA’s branding a complete refresh since we had used the prior branding for two consecutive years. Therefore it was essential to create a visual brand that would be energetic, flexible, and inviting. For the Fall 2019 Workshop, I used a combined inspiration of the host company’s brand colors and Las Vegas’s The Cosmopolitan’s interior color palette.

Fall 2017 & Fall 2018 Workshops

In 2017, I rebranded EEI’s National Key Accounts to give the conference a more energetic and updated look that appealed to the audience. I created a pattern that could be reused for a few years but also customized per location. Each location was branded with its own colors and set of icons. The images below are print and digital materials created for the three workshops held in 2017 & 2018.